FIPRESCI on Social Media

Dear colleagues,

We are re-organizing our Internet appearance.

Website: A revised version of was aired a few daya ago. We’re still in a phase of test and fine-tuning. Missing texts from earlier festivals will successively be uploaded, while texts about recent festivals will be put online immediately. For updates on our work see the members area (fipresci_member / truffaut).

Facebook Page: Our official Facebook page is (@fipresci). Here you will find all information about us and our work which we want also the rest of the world to know. The page is open for your contributions.

Facebook Group for Members: We entertain a “secret group” which is open for members only, If you’re not yet registered, message to to do so, however you need to be on Facebook. This is where all recent and urgent news are published – all what cannot be put in one of our printed circulars (four times a year). New juries, vacancies etc. A regular visit is advisable. Contributions (welcome) need to be authorized.

Twitter: This will be used mostly for immediate publication of our major awards and news. Address:

LinkedIn Company Page: We re-organized our appearance on LinkedIn and created a company page: As with our Facebook page, we will use this to regularly share relevant industry news. It will also provide an opportunity to network & create connections with other domains of cinema and within the film industry.

These virtual places get the more vivid the more we use them. Let’s get tuned !

Here’s the list of FIPRESCI on Social Media: Website Facebook (public) Facebook (members only) Twitter LinkedIn

I, Klaus Eder, can also be found at:

Thanks to Jurij Smrke (Ljubljana/London) who brought our website back to life (new technics). And thanks to Dilani Rabindran (@dilani_r, Toronto) who’s professionalism and enthusiasm introduced us to the world of social media.

Best regards
Klaus Eder