Call for “Golden Globe” Voters

To the sections and members of FIPRESCI

Dear Colleagues,

the “Hollywood Foreign Press Association” (HFPA) invites our members to vote for the “Golden Globes” (as guests, without becoming a HFPA member). The background is the idea and wish of the HFPA to diversify the voters on an international level, in the sense of a richness of cultures.

We see our role as mediator between our colleagues and the HFPA (the “post office”). Colleagues who wish to participate should carefully read the two HFPA documents which are attached (or can be downloaded from our site). Both documents describe the HFPA criteria for voters.

Interested colleague who meet these criteria should fill in the attached application form and should send it to the HFPA and to us:


Mark your preference if you prefer to judge cinema or tv films. As there is a big nonetheless limited number of places, register quickly and by middle of July latest, the deadline is July 20, 2022. The selection of voters will be done by a professional committee established by the HFPA.

The 80th edition of the “Golden Globes” will take place in January 2023. For voters some of the concerned production companies will already now open the access to eligible films.

Best wishes
Alin Tasciyan, Klaus Eder