80th Venice International Film Festival

Italy, August 30 - September 9 2023

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The jury

Daniel Kothenschulte (Germany), Kevin Maher (UK), Paola Casella (Italy), Adriana Fernández (Mexico), Ramy Abdelrazek Hassan (Egypt), Anna Maria Pasetti (Italy)

Awarded films

The International Federation of Film Critics presented two Awards at the Venice International Film Festival: one for a feature-length film in the Competition section and another in the side sections of Orizonti and Critics’ Week.

Competition: “In Evil Does Not Exist, the FIPRESCI Prize is awarded to a deeply compassionate film that explores the haunting personal impact of the current global environmental moment. It’s a film of uncommon beauty, complex characterizations, and a sweetly, triumphantly, enigmatic conclusion”.

Orizonti: “For the powerful cinematic language in direction, for the stunning performances of the three young actors and for the dual feeling of alienation and belonging to the Eternal City as an ancestral mother portrayed in a fragmented but organic way in a sort of “nouvelle vague” style”.

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