Circular 03 / 2017

General Assembly 2017

Dear colleagues,

Once again Felice Laudadio, our faithful friend and host for almost three decades, invites us to Italy. In the last decades we traveled with him through the country: First to Saint Vincent, up in the mountains of the north, followed by Viareggio at the seaside, then to the deep south, Taormina, Sicily, passing on to Rome, to the wonderful “Casa del Cinema – House of Films” (which he had created and directed but had to give up due to political circumstances in the Berlusconi era). For seven years and now for the eighth time, he invites us to Bari, to the Bari International Film Festival which he had created a few years ago. 

Felice Laudadio has recently been appointed president of the Rome-based “Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia” (Center of Experimental Cinematography, it includes among others the “Cineteca Nazionale” and the National Film School). The other news is that Margarethe von Trotta succeeds Ettore Scola as President of the Festival (with Felice Laudadio as its Artistic Director).

We are again invited to hold our annual assembly at the occasion of Bif&st 2017. As already earlier announced on our website, the festival dates are Saturday, April 22, to Saturday, April 29, 2017. 

General Assembly 2017

Our General Assembly of 2017 will take place on Sunday, April 23, 2017 (morning and afternoon), and on Monday morning, April 24.

The preliminary schedule:

Saturday, April 22: Arrival of the delegates. Pick-up service at the Bari-Palese international airport. In the evening, at 21 h (Teatro Petruzzelli): Opening Ceremony, “La tenerezza / The Tenderness” by Gianni Amelio (world premiere), followed by a gala dinner. 

Sunday, April 23: 9:30 – 13:00, 14:00 – 18:00 general assembly. Place: Bari, presumably Hotel Palace (that’s the hotel where the delegates will stay). 18:30 h: Film “Tutto quello che vuoi” by Francesco Bruni (Italy, 2017), with the known film-maker Giuliano Montaldo as actor.

Monday, April 24: Continuation of the assembly at 9:30 h. At 11 h meeting and discussion with Gianni Amelio and Giuliano Montaldo on Italian cinema. The official duties for the delegates end on Monday around 13 h, April 24. They can therefore depart from Bari Monday afternoon or evening, or on Tuesday.

The festival offers all delegates “full board hospitality”. As always, all participants are in charge of their transportation / air tickets. Colleagues who wish to stay longer and can cover the festival in their publication, can profit of an extended hotel invitation (but will kindly be asked to send their published texts back to the festival). By the way, a retrospective will be dedicated to the films which Vittorio Gassman and Dino Risi made together.

Agenda. The usual reports on our activities in 2016 will be given by the members of the board and the General Secretary. Future juries and projects will be decided. The conditions of seeing films (in particular at festivals, big screen vs. laptop) will be discussed (details to follow). National sections wishing to add any other item to the agenda should send their proposal, in writing, to the General Secretary by Friday, March 24, 2017. The definite agenda will be published end of March on our website (members’ area). 


All national sections are kindly invited to appoint their delegate to the assembly. Each national section can nominate one delegate. In countries where two associations form the national section, both associations are requested to agree on one common delegate (two delegates maybe admitted only in case of available invitations). This concerns our colleagues in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Serbia and Spain. All delegates must be made known, in written (email or fax or letter), to the General Secretary by Wednesday, March 29, 2017. (Please note that from statuary reason later arriving requests cannot be considered.) 

Individual members (in principle in countries where a national section doesn’t exist) who wish to attend the assembly are kindly asked to contact the General Secretary.

Please use for all communication concerning Bari and the assembly the email address, or the fax number +49 (89) 18 47 66. Address letters to Klaus Eder, FIPRESCI, Schleissheimer Str. 83, D 80797 Munich, Germany.

Best regards,
See you in Bari
Klaus Eder

PS: You can download this text as a pdf file from the download area.