General Assembly 2017 April 23 and 24, in Bari, Italy


1. Opening, presentation of the delegates. 

2. Activities of the Federation
The General Secretary presents the report of activities and the financial report. The members of the board report about their activities. Reports of the departments.

3. Projects 2015/2016: Juries, Special Events

4. Membership fees: State of affairs, discussion of how the fees can be adapted to the requirements of a modern international organization

5. Any other business

6. Italian cinema: Seen from abroad
Reports given by delegates;
Meeting with Gianni Amelio and Giuliano Montaldo

Our board requests all delegates to the assembly to kindly send a text on Italian cinema. It might be a text they have written and published on Italian cinema in general, or on certan aspects, or on single films. It can be an already published text, it can of course be a new text; it could also be an interesting text published in their countries. An English version is asked, by April 7, to the address The texts will be uploaded to the members’ area of our site only, for internal purpose (unless the rights would be available for a publication on the public area of the site).

A detailed material on the main points of the agenda will be filed to the national sections and to the delegates around one week before the assembly.

Munich, March 24, 2017
Klaus Eder