Berlin 2021 – Conference on Film Criticism

The German Section of FIPRESCI, “Verband der deutschen Filmkritik”, informs:

Film criticism as agenda: During the time of Berlinale the Berlin Critics’ Week presents a selection of international films, based on the principle of discussing the most stimulating works. From 10-18 February international critics and filmmakers will discuss politics and aesthetics, preferences and irritations, new forms of distribution and perception. How do we watch films? Which films are we longing for? What constitutes cinema?

For the past four years, the Critics’ Week has begun with a kick-off conference taking place on the first day at various locations allowing for detailed debates on urgent questions of film culture. So far, the focus of this format has been on German cinema, political film, the philosophy of audience concepts, Christoph Schlingensief’s artistic practice and cinema as a pluralistic space of discourse.

In the opening conference of the upcoming edition of Berlin Critics’ Week, we will concentrate on a concept which provokes discussion through its complexity: The German term of “Konsequenz” – which simultaneously translates as coherence/consequence – is at the heart of the event and becomes a film-critical tool. What can it mean to act artistically and politically in awareness of the consequences of one’s own actions? Does a stronger sense of solidarity within the film industry naturally follow from the Corona crisis and is solidarity a question of attitudes or interests? Can and do artists want to understand the consequences of their work? What does a coherent aesthetic look like and what does coherent art have to do with political convictions? Can art be autonomous? And isn’t it exactly the freedom of art to defend the accidental and playful?

In addition to curated contributions to the event, which approach the concept of Konsequenz in relation to cultural politics, philosophy and aesthetics, we would like to include and present further perspectives within the topical framework of the event. We therefore invite individuals, initiatives and collectives to explore the concept of Konsequenz as a tool to approach and discuss cinema. We are looking for artistic positions, workshop concepts, panels, texts, discussion inputs and lectures. Besides classical formats we are curious about discussion and presentation formats beyond the stage. Web-based programme contributions are also welcome and can be presented in the frame of our online magazine.

We will consider submissions until 1 November. After that we will work out possible presentation formats together with the submitters. The Berlin Critics’ Week supports the travel and accommodation of all speakers, if possible and depending on the travel restrictions in force. Depending on the project’s financing status, additional fees are planned for the conference contributors.

We are looking forward to your suggestions! Petra Palmer will be happy to receive your submissions and questions at