Festival Awards



by Boudewijn Koole

(The Netherlands, 2012, 81 min)




by Michael Haneke

(France, Germany, Austria, 2012, 127 mins)


Sons of Norway

Sønner av Norge

by Jens Lien

(Norway/ Sweden/ Denmark/ France, 2011, 87 mins)

in 35th Göteborg International Film Festival

The Turin Horse

A torinói ló

by Béla Tarr

(Hungary/ France/ Germany/ Switzerland/ USA, 2011, 146 mins)

in 61st Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival

The Student

El estudiante

by Santiago Mitre

(Argentina, 2011, 110 mins)

in 52nd Cartagena International Film Festival


Tian Bian

by Nuoming Huari

(China, 2012, 16 mins)

in 12nd Dhaka International Film Festival



by Sacha Polak

(Netherlands/ Spain, 2012, 80 mins)

in 62nd Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival

Atomic Age

L'âge atomique

by Héléna Klotz

(France, 2012, 67 mins)

in 62nd Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival



by Miguel Gomes

(Portugal/ Germany/ Brazil/ France/ Spain, 2012, 118 mins)

in 62nd Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival



by Huh Jong-ho

(South Korea, 2011, 119 mins)

in 26th Fribourg International Film Festival

The Mirror Never Lies

Laut bercermin

by Kamila Andini

(Indonesia, 2011, 100 mins)

in 36th Hong Kong International Film Festival

Beyond the Hill

Tepenin Ardi

by Emin Alper

(Turkey/ Greece, 2012, 94 mins)

in 31st Istanbul Film Festival



by Jose Alvarez

(Mexico, 2012, 65 mins)

in 14th Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival

The Enemy


by Dejan Zecevic

(Serbia/ Bosnia and Herzegovina/ Croatia/ Hungary, 2011, 108 mins)

in 16th Sofia International Film Festival

Violeta Went to Heaven

Violeta se fue a los cielos

by Andrés Wood

(Chile/ Argentina/ Brazil, 2011, 110 mins)

in 27th Guadalajara International Film Festival

Café regular, Cairo

Café Regular, Cairo

by Ritesh Batra

(Egypt, 2012, 11 mins)

in 58th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen

The Exchange


by Eran Kolirin

(Israel/ Germany, 2011, 94 mins)

in 55th San Francisco International Film Festival



by Giorgio Cugno

(Italy, 2012, 94 mins)

in 13rd Lecce Festival of European Cinema



by Vasily Sigarev

(Russia, 2012, 119 mins)

in 12nd goEast Film Festival

The Flat

The Flat

by Arnon Goldfinger

(Israel/ Germany, 2011, 97 mins)

in 52nd Krakow Film Festival

Welcome to Pine Hill

Welcome to Pine Hill

by Keith Miller

(USA, 2012, 81 mins)

in 38th Seattle International Film Festival

ACAB - All Cops Are Bastards

ACAB - All Cops Are Bastards

by Stefano Sollima

(Italy/ France, 2012, 112 mins)

in 34th Moscow International Film Festival

The Last Step

Pele akher

by Ali Mosaffa

(Iran, 2012, 88 mins)

in 47th Karlovy Vary Film Festival

Hold Back


by Rachid Djaïdani

(France, 2012, 78 mins)

in 65th Cannes Film Festival



by Manav Kaul

(India, 2012, 88 mins)

in 12nd Osian's-Cinefan Film Festival



by Ruben Ostlund

(Sweden/ France, 2011, 118 mins)

in 15th Motovun International Film Festival



by Michaela Pavlátová

(France/ Czech Republic, 2012, 7 mins)

in 36th Annecy International Animated Film Festival



by Oleg Sentsov

(Ukraine, 2011, 92 mins)

in 3rd Odessa International Film Festival

The Interval


by Leonardo di Costanzo

(Italy/ Switzerland/ Germany, 2012, 90 mins)

in 69th Venice Film Festival

The First Rains of Spring

The First Rains of Spring

by Yerlan Nurmukhambetov

(Kazhakstan/ Japan, 2011, 85 mins)

in 9th Golden Apricot Yerevan International Film Festival

Where the Fire Burns

Atesin düstügü yer

by Ismail Gunes

(Turkey, 2012, 104 mins)

in 35th Montreal World Film Festival

In House


by Joanna Lombardi

(Peru, 2013, 87 mins)

in 35th Montreal World Film Festival

The Dead Man And Being Happy

El muerto y ser feliz

by Javier Rebollo

(Spain/ France/ Argentina, 2012, 92 mins)

in 60th San Sebastian International Film Festival

Leviathan (2012)


by Lucien Castaing-Taylor

(USA/ UK/ France, 2012, 87 mins)

in 65th Locarno International Film Festival

Beauty: Nosilatiaj

Nosilatiaj. La Belleza

by Daniela Seggiaro

(Argentina, 2012, 83 mins)

in 14th Rio de Janeiro International Film Festival



by Sean Baker

(USA/ UK, 2012, 103 mins)

in 9th Reykjavík International Film Festival

Call Girl

Call Girl

by Mikael Marcimain

(Sweden/ Norway/ Finland/ Ireland, 2012, 140 mins)

in 37th Toronto International Film Festival

Good Night, Missy

Lahko noc, gospodicna

by Metod Pevec

(Slovenia/ Croatia, 2011, 97 mins)

in 28th Festroia International Film Festival

Everybody in Our Family

Toata lumea din familia noastra

by Radu Jude

(Romania/ Netherlands, 2012, 107 mins)

in 9 th Jameson Cinefest Miskolc International Film Festival

In the House

Dans la maison

by François Ozon

(France, 2012, 105 mins)

in 37th Toronto International Film Festival

Beautiful Valley

Emek Tiferet

by Hadar Friedlich

(Israel/ France, 2011, 85 mins)

in 42nd Molodist International Film Festival

The Fifth Season

La cinquième saison

by Peter Brosens

(Belgium, 2012, 93 mins)

in 57th Valladolid International Film Festival

Lapidation of Saint Etienne

La lapidació de Sant Esteve

by Jessica Woodworth

(Spain/France, 2012, 83 mins)

in 57th Valladolid International Film Festival

Coming Forth By Day

Al-khoroug lel-nahar

by Hala Lotfy

(Egypt/ United Arab Emirates, 2012, 96 mins)

in 6th Abu Dhabi Film Festival

A World Not Ours

Alam laysa lana

by Mahdi Fleifel

(UK/ Lebanon/ Denmark/ United Arab Emirates, 2012, 93 mins)

in 12nd Perm Flahertiana - International Documentary Film Festival

Breach in the Silence

Brecha en el silencio

by Luis Alejandro

(Venezuela, 2012, 90 mins)

in 35th Cairo International Film Festival

The Towrope

La sirga

by William Vega

(Colombia/ México/ France, 2012, 88 mins)

in 27th Mar Del Plata International Film Festival

Night of Silence

Lal Gece

by Reis Celik

(Turkey, 2012, 92 mins)

in 25th Panorama of European Cinema



by Scott Graham

(UK, 2012, 87 mins)

in 30th Torino Film Festival

Horses of God

Les chevaux de Dieu

by Nabil Ayouch

(France/ Belgium/ Tunisia/ Morocco, 2011, 115 mins)

in 23rd Carthage Film Festival

Touch of the Light

Ni guang fei xiang

by Rong-ji Chang

(Taiwan, 2012, 110 mins)

in 49th Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival

The Patience Stone

Syngué sabour, pierre de patience

by Atiq Rahimi

(Afghanistan/ France/ Germany/ UK, 2012, 102 mins)

in 50th Gijón International Film Festival



by Michael Winterbottom

(UK, 2012, 106 mins)

in 23rd Stockholm Film Festival


L'enfant d'en haut

by Ursula Meier

(France/ Switzerland, 2012, 97 mins)

in 23rd Ljubljana International Film Festival

Kolka Cool

Kolka Cool

by Juris Poskus

(Latvia, 2011, 97 mins)

in 22nd Cottbus Festival of East European Cinema

Boy Eating the Bird's Food

To agori troei to fagito tou pouliou

by Ektoras Lygizos

(Greece, 2012, 80 mins)

in 53rd Thessaloniki International Film Festival

Familial Fever

Homma aailiyya

by Amr Abdelhadi

(Jordan, 2012, 13 mins)

in 9th Dubai International Film Festival



by K. Gopinathan

(India, 2012, 98 mins)

in 17th Kerala International Film Festival



by Khaled Jarrar

(Palestine/ United Arab Emirates, 2012, 70 mins)

in 9th Dubai International Film Festival



by Djamila Sahraoui

(France, 2012, 93 mins)

in 9th Dubai International Film Festival

Greatest Hits

Los mejores temas

by Nicolas Pereda

(Mexico/ Holland/ Canada, 2012, 103 mins)

in 34th Havana International Festival of the New Latinamerican Cinema