77th Venice International Film Festival

Italy, September 2 - September 12 2020

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The jury

Jonathan Romney (UK), Francisco Ferreira (Portugal), Tommaso Tocci (Italy), Jihane Bougrine (Morocco), Hugo Emmerzael (The Netherlands), Silvana Silvestri (Italy)

Awarded films

The Disciple
by Chaitanya Tamhane: “A film of complexity, maturity, artistic elegance and intellectual depth, about a musician’s search for perfection in the imperfect contemporary world.”

The Wasteland by Ahmad Bahrami: “For it’s harrowing capturing of the passing of time, it’s urgent depiction of the working class and it’s sensitive portrayal of rare glimpses of beauty and hope, we give the FIPRESCI Award to a fully formed debut film that lingers in the mind long after it graced the silver screen.”