Festival Awards

The Gold-Laden Sheep and the Sacred Mountain

Sona Dhwandi Bhed Te Sucha Pahaad

by Ridham Janve

(India, 2018, 97 min)

in 43rd Hong Kong International Film Festival



by Alyx Ayn Arumpac

(Philippines, France, Norway, Qatar, Germany, 2019, 85 min)

in 32nd IDFA Amsterdam

End of Season

End of Season

by Elmar Imanov

(Germany, Azerbaijan, Georgia, 2019, 92 min)

in 48th International Film Festival Rotterdam

By the Grace of God

Grâce à Dieu

by François Ozon

(France, Belgium, 2019, 137 min)

in 30th Stockholm International Film Festival

Exemplary Behaviour

Pavyzdingas elgesys

by Nerijus Milerius

(Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Italy, 2019, 85 min)

in 62nd International Leipzig Festival for Documentary and Animated Film

Invisible Life

La vida invisible

by Karim Ainouz

(Brazil, Germany, 2019, 139 min)

in 64th Valladolid International Film Festival

Cat In The Wall

Kot w ścianie

by Mina Mileva

(Bulgaria, Great Britain, France, 2019, 92 min)

in 35th Warsaw International Film Festival

Standing Up, Falling Down

Standing Up, Falling Down

by Matt Ratner

(USA, 2019, 91 mins)

in 28th Heartland International Film Festival

Song Without A Name

Canción sin nombre

by Melina León

(Peru, 2019, 97 mins)

in 48th Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Montreal

The Endless Trench

La Trinchera Infinita

by José Mari Goenaga

(Spain, 2019, 147 min)

in 67th San Sebastian International Film Festival

1982 (2019)

1982 (2019)

by Oualid Mouaness

(Lebanon, United States, Norway, 2019, 100 min)

in 3rd ElGouna Film Festival



by Meryam Joobeur

(Tunisia, Canada, Qatar, Sweden, 2018, 25 min)

in 25th Short Film Festival in Drama

Midnight Traveler

Midnight Traveler

by Hassan Fazili

(USA, Qatar, Canada, UK, 2019, 87 min)

in 29th Message to Man International Film Festival, St. Petersburg



by Heather Young

(Canada, 2019, 84 min)

in 44th Toronto International Film Festival

How to Build a Girl

How to Build a Girl

by Coky Giedroyc

(UK, 2019, 102 min)

in 44th Toronto International Film Festival

White On White

Blanco en Blanco

by Théo Court

(Spain, Chile, France, Germany, 2019, 100 min)

in 76th Venice International Film Festival

An Officer and a Spy


by Roman Polanski

(France, Italy, 2019, 132 min)

in 76th Venice International Film Festival



by Alfonso Cuarón

(Mexico, 2018, 135 min)


God Exists, Her Name Is Petrunya

Gospod postoi, imeto I' e Petrunija

by Teona Strugar Mitevska

(Macedonia, Belgium, Slovenia, France, Croatia, 2018, 100 min)

in 22nd International Motovun Film Festival

The Fever

A febra

by Maya Da-Rin

(Brazil, France, Germany, 2019, 98 min)

in 72nd Locarno International Film Festival

International Falls

International Falls

by Amber McGinnis

(USA, 2019, 93)

in Seattle International Film Festival


Manbiki kazoku

by Hirokazu Koreeda

(Japan, 2018, 121 mins)

in 30th Palm Springs International Film Festival

Die Kinder der Toten

Die Kinder der Toten

by Kelly Cooper

(Austria, 2019, 90 mins)

in 69th Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival



by Nadav Lapid

(France/ Israel/ Germany, 2019, 123 mins)

in 69th Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival